West Village

West Village is appropriately named since it is located in the Western portion of the Greenwich Village in Manhattan, NYC. You can find the Hudson River in the west and South and Seventh Avenues in the east. This neighborhood features a bohemian style of living with beautiful and classic lofts. There are also new residential apartment complexes that face the Hudson where new and updated apartments in West Village abound.

Living in West Village has its rustic and historic appeal with its attractive cobblestone streets. It is also famous for its great eating places, shopping, beautiful parks and green areas plus places where kids can walk, play and have fun. Truly a great neighborhood to live and raise a family; check out these tips on how to look for the best apartments in West Village:

1.    Apartments here are known to be more expensive than other apartments in other Manhattan neighborhoods. In old apartment buildings, spacious units are still possible while new residential developments offer less space. Be aware of these since you would basically check out apartments initially through an online search or through a newspaper ad.

2.    West Village apartments are known to be very close to areas that residents need to go. You are close to schools, shopping areas, parks, playgrounds, markets, convenient stores and restaurants. You may never need to ride far or take public transport to go shopping or do errands. You can walk or ride your bike instead.

3.    Parking is a headache in West Village just like any other Manhattan neighborhood. You can see residents parking in the streets since most apartments don’t have parking or garages at all. Large and new apartment complexes on the other hand have parking areas for residents so be sure to inquire about this if you plan to take your car with you.

4.    Public transport is accessible from the neighborhood however it could get crowded and traffic can get really worse during rush hours.

5.    The streets can get noisy and crowded during the day time but will wind down when rush hours are over. There are hardly any loud bars and clubs in the area although there are parts where night spots can be seen. If you love the night life then you may need to go uptown for more action.

Apartments in West Village, especially old ones may be infested with pests so be sure to contact a local pest exterminator for help before you move in. it’s important to personally check the property before you move in and hire a contractor to take care of electrical wiring and outdated plumbing especially when you are moving in an outdated apartment unit.

Newer units on the other hand are pretty well maintained, the only problem is that most new units may have rules regarding pets, noise and smoking which are very important in any new resident.

Where to find apartments in the neighborhood then? The best place to start is online where you could easily narrow down your search. Whether you are looking for one bedroom apartment or a spacious three to four bedroom unit, you can easily specify what you need with helpful online tools. Aside from the number of rooms, you may also narrow your search down by adding number of baths, toilets, your budget and the amenities that you are looking for. It’s easy to look for the most suitable apartment unit when you have these handy tools with you. Remember that apartments in this side of the city sell like pancakes so hurry and check out the ideal one as soon as possible.