Washington Heights

Located in the northern part of Manhattan is Washington Heights. Harlem is on its south side while the Hudson is in the west. This area is famous for its steep streets, uneven topography and radical changes in elevation. This is area is an affordable place to live in and apartments in Washington Heights range from old style to modern units that are accessible to most modern conveniences. Ready to move in to your new Manhattan home? If you are thinking of choosing Washington Heights as your new home then check these pointers out first:

1.    Washington Heights apartments are very affordable and apartment buildings are very beautiful with rich architectural design. You can find a one or two room apartment that will suit your budget and if you are bringing a large family with you then there are large apartment units for a fair price as well. All you need to check is the number of bedrooms and baths in an apartment unit so you can get an excellent picture of how large the property is.

2.    You are near places that you need every day like food stores, markets, supermarkets, salons, restaurants, fast food and medical facilities. If you love the outdoors or you have small kids with you then Washington Heights is the best place to stay with plenty of open green spaces where kids can play and adults can just laze around.

3.    A unique neighborly spirit envelopes most apartment complexes and buildings here basically since residential structures are located very near each other. Neighbors know each other and help each other in times of need.

4.    Amenities are available in most apartment buildings. If you need cable then a simple installation through control rooms in your building switches the cable on. Internet connection is the same or you may drop by places like cafes and beauty salons where they have free Wi-Fi Internet connection.

5.    The area is completely accessible by taxi, bus or by foot. Since everything you need is nearby, you can also walk or ride you bicycle. Fitness buffs will love to jog, walk or cycle through Washington Heights streets early in the morning when traffic is not that worse.

6.    Apartment rentals in Washington Heights are near places that you need to be. From the neighborhood, you can get to business districts in the city, get to schools on time and even run errands. It is also near places of worship and medical facilities. This set up is ideal for retirees, people with medical issues and folks with physical disabilities.

Living in Washington Heights could be a dream for single people, couple starting out and even for families with kids. However, you need to learn all about the disadvantages of living in this area as well. The area could get congested especially during rush hours and in the middle of the day. Old apartment units may have complaints of pests like rats, ants and cockroaches so be careful when you move in. it is recommended to ask an exterminator to take care if pests before you move in and to make sure that the place is safe even for pets.

People who love to go out and enjoy at night may find the area boring since there are no bars and clubs for blocks away. Most residents looking for nightlife would go downtown or ride a taxi to other favorite parts of Manhattan for some action. Safety and security may also be a problem but any resident could help stop crime by being smart and alert at all times even in the daytime.