Upper East Side

Are you looking for apartments in Upper East Side in Manhattan? If you are then consider your search one of the easiest since there are plenty of sites that can tell you what properties are for rent or for lease in the area but only a few however could tell you what it really is like to live in the “Gold Coast.”

The Upper East Side is considered to be the haven of the upper crust, the rich and famous and if you still don’t get it; it is an area with a high cost of living. The rent is several times as high as an ordinary apartment unit in Manhattan plus the shops and stores nearby only sell high end stuff. If you are on a budget then this place is just too much for you. But hey, everyone can dream right? So if you are dreaming of relocating to the Upper East Side then consider the following tips:

1.    Apartment units in the Upper East Side are usually furnished to the brim. From luxurious interiors, a fully functioning kitchen just like you see on TV or magazines, ultra-luxurious bedrooms, jet setter bathrooms and classy living rooms. Apartments here are more of a luxury home away from home style with rent as expensive as ever!
There are one room, two to three room apartment units for a couple, their kids or with their house help. If you are a large family then there are also apartments with extra-large bedrooms, multiple bathrooms and spacious living and dining areas.

2.    Apartments for rent in this part of the district have complete amenities and are usually well maintained which means repairs and maintenance are out of the question. Amenities that you can never live without like Internet connection, cable or satellite television channels and landline phones are like water to a fish. Parking could be a challenge especially when you live in high rise; old apartment buildings may lack parking spaces unlike modern style towers. You may just end up parking in a paid parking lot or worse, on the streets when you don’t specify this early on.

3.    The Upper East Side is popular for its great shopping options and places to dine out and enjoy. If you love to go shopping, love to dine out with family and friends or you just have an indescribable urge to shop then this area of the city is the best place to live in. it is near commercial centers but are mostly high end. You can ride taxis and busses to other shops nearby or you may take the subway which is a long walk from the Upper East Side.

4.    The area is relatively safe since most apartment buildings have doormen and since this area is frequented by movie stars, famous people and politicians, police squad cars usually patrol more often.

Certainly living in the Upper East Side has its perks but there are also some cons that you may consider as a new resident. Traffic could get heavy especially during rush hours making walking and biking the only means to move more efficiently around the neighborhood. It gets noisy and rowdy with tourists roaming the streets. For people who love the night life, there are no clubs or bars near the area; you need to work it uptown to get to places where you can hang out all night with friends. Living in the Upper East Side is a dream but unless you are a millionaire or an heir to a fortune you will never get to enjoy life to the full in this neighborhood.