Tribeca or TriBeCa is a busy and famous neighborhood in Lower Manhattan in New York City. It is close to West Street, Broadway and Canal and it is popular for the Tribeca Film Festival which is an annual event in response to the September 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center.

Living in Tribeca has its perks, there are great apartment buildings that were once industrial and business centers converted into residential units and lofts. The style of living is comparable to stylish SoHO however there are more and more down to earth style apartment units being developed for couples, students, small families and even large families as well. If you would like to look for apartment units in Tribeca then check out the following tips:

1.    Housing in Tribeca is very expensive especially apartment units, lofts and condominiums. There is just no way you can find an affordable apartment in Tribeca and based on the latest trends in residential rates, the closer you get to Broadway or Chambers Street the more apartments become less expensive. The district is loaded with wealthy and famous people and this is basically why rent in Tribeca becomes more expensive year after year.

2.    Rent may be expensive but you can be sure that apartment units here are very stylish and are loaded with high quality and updated materials and furniture. It is rare to find bare apartment units in Tribeca the area is usually filled with fully-furnished apartment units with one, two or more bedrooms or studio units.

3.    Probably one of the best reasons why many prefer to live in Tribeca is that although it is near bars, shopping districts and has sky rocketing rental rates is that it is technically safer to live here than any other neighborhoods in New York City. Police presence is everywhere basically since the rich and famous live here.

4.    Tribeca may be accessed through two subway stations; one in Franklin Street and the other one in Chambers Street. Even if you are new and don’t know your way yet in the neighborhood chances are you can easily find your way back home by riding the subway. If you work near NY financial and business districts, you can easily ride a taxi or bus to where you want to go. There are so many transportation options when you live in or near Tribeca.

5.    Tribeca is not just famous for its classy activities like shopping and nightlife, families especially families with kids can enjoy their afternoons in playgrounds near the district. There is a playground near Washington Market Park where kids can play and adults can enjoy an afternoon sitting on benches. If you are a fitness buff then you would surely appreciate jogging near the waterfront past West Street where you can jog, relax, meet other joggers and fitness buffs or you can play badminton and Frisbee.

6.    Apartments for rent in Tribeca are mostly accessed through a broker; you can easily find a property for rent online where all important information about the unit is presented. Select three to four apartment units and compare these head to head so you will know which one is more suitable. Remember to take note of the following:

•    The size of the apartment unit – must be suitable to the size of your family plus pets.
•    The number of rooms and bathrooms
•    The location of the property – this usually determines the price
•    The accessibility to major transportation hubs, business, commercial and schools
•    The apartment amenities like cable, Internet, landline phones and furnishings.
•    If the unit is furnished or bare.