Staten Island

Living in Staten Island is not just convenient since it is near commercial areas, business districts in NYC and in place of interest in the city but you get to live in a friendly and neighborly area. There are several neighborhoods in Staten Island where you may look for the ideal apartment unit; there are several impressive Staten Island apartment units in Huguenot, New Dorp, Great Kills, Livingston, Bay Terrace, Prince’s Bay, Silver Lake, Todt Hill and New Springville to name a few.

If you are sure that Staten Island is for you then check out these living in Staten Island facts before you pack up your bags to move:

1.    Staten Island apartments are available in different sizes, number of bedrooms, key amenities and of course price range. This is why when you look for the ideal apartment unit to stay, you need to consider the number of family members you have, the individual needs of your family members (expecting family member, a member with a medical condition, a family member with physical disabilities as well as learning disabilities) and if you have pets or other special interest.

2.    Apartments in the district may be available fully furnished or unfurnished depending on your needs. If you are single or you and your partner are just starting out then a fully furnished home would be the best alternative. A fully furnished unit however could be more expensive than bare ones so get ready to pay a higher for this kind of apartment unit.

3.    Apartment amenities are available in most units in Staten Island. There are internet, landline phones and cable television channels however parking slots could be hard to look for. If you have a car or any type of vehicle then you need to specify parking spaces in your search. Most residents park in secure pay parking slots or end up parking their cars dangerously on the streets.

4.    Staten Island neighborhoods are accessible to most public transport which means it is near most places that you need to go like schools, commercial centers, places of recreation, medical centers, business districts and leisure places. Most residents get around the neighborhood by car, bus, taxi, subway, by bicycle and even walking.

5.    Staten Island apartments are known to be located in neighborhoods with a peaceful and quiet atmosphere, with lack of traffic and are safe to move around. Ask any Huguenot or New Dorp resident and he will gladly tell you how ideal life could be at Staten Island.

6.    If you are moving with kids you will also appreciate small but impressive green areas in the neighborhood especially one area located near South Shore Country Club. If you love to move around like jog, walk, hike or bike for fitness, there are also great places to do these without the usual city smog and noise. However if you are looking for gyms and fitness centers there are hardly any and you need to go downtown for these amenities.

An apartment in Staten Island is certainly one of the best ways to live in this ideal place and the most convenient way to search for apartment units is to search online. An online property search will provide you all the important details of a rental apartment including the length of lease, the address of the owner and the property, features like amenities, utilities and number of baths and bedrooms. Be sure to list down about three to four Staten Island apartments just to make a comparison to get the most suitable place to stay in this district.