soho new yorkLocated in Lower Manhattan where art galleries, expensive shops and lively nightlife abound is SoHo. This neighborhood is famous for its upscale style of living and residents that are living in SoHo are not just rich but are famous and enjoy their privacy. You may see celebrities with their families living in SoHo which is an indication that this neighborhood has one of the most luxurious and stylish homes in the city.

Just a glimpse of how living in this neighborhood is, here are some tips on how to look for apartments in SoHo:

1.    If you are on a budget then it could be very difficult to look for the most suitable apartments in SoHo. Every apartment unit here is very expensive with rates massively increasing every year. And along with the high cost of living in SoHo and the areas surrounding this neighborhood, living in SoHo could basically be the most expensive in the entire city.

2.    Apartments in SoHo are mostly fully furnished since these are designed for the ultra-rich and chic. You may never find an apartment with unfurnished interiors at all.

3.    If you love to shop and to dine out then SoHo would be a great neighborhood for you. There is an endless line of restaurants in every street each with their own delicious cuisines, delicacies and so much more. Shopping is also one of the best reasons to stay in this neighborhood with high end shops, high quality designers and popular brands in every nook and cranny of SoHo.

4.    You got to love an apartment with all the great amenities. Since most apartment units are fully furnished amenities like Internet access, cable channels or satellite cable channels and phones are just a part of every home in SoHo. It is easy to look for homes with all your favorite amenities since the neighborhood is accessible to all popular providers in NYC.

5.    Moving around the neighborhood is easy plus SoHo is accessible to most schools, to NYC’s business district, to shopping centers, places of worship, market places and so much more. You can drive, ride a bus, take a cab, ride a subway or walk. If you have kids then school is not too far away; offices are also very near so missing work is never an option.

6.    You will never have to worry about repairs since most apartment units in SoHo are well cared for and maintained. There is very little to worry about security and safety since the area has ultra-rich residents, police patrols are usually abound. But even with this advantage parking may still be a risk. Most apartment buildings lack safe and secure parking areas and if you have a car you may need to park it on the street or leave it in a secure paid parking lot instead.

7.    Peace and quiet can only be possible in the wee hours of the morning since SoHo is bustling with activities. There are residents, office workers, businessmen, tourists and so many shoppers everywhere. But even with high traffic and a lot of people all around you there is a simple joy of being with a pleasant crowd you can never experience in other neighborhoods in Manhattan.

Working parents with very young kids may need to worry about child care as they work 9 to 5. As parking is scarce, childcare centers are nowhere to be found. There is also an absence of open areas or parks where kids can play and adults can relax. If you have a family with kids then these small inconveniences may need to be considered in looking for a suitable place to stay in Manhattan.