Roosevelt Island

Roosevelt Island is a narrow island that is located in the East River in NYC. It is between Manhattan Island and Queens. The island is leased to the state of New York’s Urban Development Corporation which means a large number of buildings here are residential. Living in Roosevelt Island has its perks as well as its cons. If you think that this unique island is your next home sweet home then consider this list of pointers to find the most suitable apartment in Roosevelt Island:

1.    You need to be certain about the number of rooms that you wish to have when you are looking for apartment units in Roosevelt Island. If you are single or if you are moving with your partner or friend then possibly a small apartment would do. But if you are looking at spacious apartment units it is likely you will never find one in this narrow neighborhood.

2.    Amenities are top notch in Roosevelt since most apartment complexes here are already equipped with connections for Internet, cable TV as well as landline phones. You may think twice about taking your car to the island since much of the island is a car-free area. Leaving your car to mainland Manhattan would be the best possible solution if you really need to ride a car to work.

3.    If you have kids and you love the outdoors then Roosevelt Island is for you. There is so much green space to play, sunbathe, play sports and do fitness activities when you live in this neighborhood and you can be sure that your kids are safe since the island is protected and secure from one tip to another.

4.    However if you are single and you love the night life then this place may not be a good idea. There are no clubs or places to dine and dance in the evenings; you also need to go to mainland Manhattan if you like to shop or to dine out since the island only has residential complexes.

5.    Apartment units in Roosevelt Island may have several rules when it comes to pets so better ask this beforehand. Closely constructed apartment buildings usually have rules against loud dogs, noisy birds and all other animals that can cause a racket.

6.    There is certainly peace and quiet when you live in Roosevelt Island this is why apartments here are recommended to people who are retired, for students, professionals and for people who would like to raise a family.

Definitely living in Roosevelt Island is a unique one it isn’t every day you live in a natural island in peace, quiet and total safety. But before you do move in take time to compare one apartment unit to another. The best way to do this is to go online. There are online local directories that offer the latest properties for rent in Roosevelt. It is recommended that you:

•    Find two to four Roosevelt Island apartments for rent and compare key features of the properties.
•    Aside from the rental rate, check out the number of rooms, baths and the room area just to be sure that the unit can hold your entire family.
•    Check what year was the apartment constructed and when was the last update made for the property.
•    Check out any repairs or updates, although these are often discovered when you personally visit the location.
•    Does the unit allow pets, small kids or does it have provisions for the physically challenged?
•    The minimum time of lease must also be considered since some apartment units may have a minimum of a year while others have an open lease length.