Murray Hill

Located at the east side of Manhattan, Murray Hill is known for its affluent residents as well as commercial establishments. Residential options in Murray Hill range from apartment units, flats and condominium units. It is an ideal place to stay and raise a new family since it is close to all the things that you need plus the area is generally safe and stand.

If you are planning to transfer to Murray Hill, an apartment unit is the best place to stay. Units here are small for a single individual or a couple and may also be large enough for a small family of four to five members to stay in. Most Murray Hill apartments have complete amenities considering this is an old neighbourhood. Apartment units usually have Internet connections, cable television and even satellite TV programming and landline phones are a staple. In this neighbourhood, people can easily get to where they want to go since most residential dwellings are close to transportation hubs not to mention its proximity to Grand Central Station.

If you have kids who go to school, apartments in Murray Hill are located near transportation hubs while fitness enthusiasts will love to go to gyms and fitness centers located nearby. You can be sure that this neighbourhood is packed with traffic in the morning which could make it a bit noisy but it winds down as rush hour ends towards the evenings. Peace and quiet could be a problem especially when you are sensitive to noise or you have a small child in the family since apartments in Murray Hill are close together.

Parking could be a headache. Old apartment units rarely have parking slots or any secured parking. Most that have cars are forced to park in the streets or to park elsewhere where they pay for a full night parking. For people who love to go out at night Murray Hill does not have any popular clubs or bars. You need to go uptown to see the action since places to go at night here are more subdued.

So are you certain that Murray Hill is the neighbourhood in Manhattan for you? Then you need to check out these pointers to get the best apartment deal in town:

1.    Online property ad sites are the best places on the web where you can find the best apartment deals in Manhattan. In Murray Hill, owners as well as brokers are the people to see. Get as much information about the apartment unit (address, number of bedrooms, number of baths, parking information, phone number and amenities) as well as information about the owner (the owner’s address, phone number and email address).

2.    Be aware that not all apartment units allow pets. If you own a dog, cat, bird and exotic pets you need to ask owners and building managers if they allow these on the property.

3.    Some apartment units only allow a minimum 1 year lease contract; if you are planning to stay for less than a year, you need to specify this as soon as possible.

4.    While some apartment sizes are easily determined by the number of rooms, others may be very hard to guess. It’s important to schedule a tour of the property or a visit to really determine how large or how small the unit is. Schedule a visit according to you and the owner’s appropriate time.

5.    Visit early in the morning so you can see the apartment from the outside as well as have ample lighting to view the interiors. Being early also gives you the upper hand over other people who would like to check the apartment as well.