Morningside Heights

Morningside Heights is a neighborhood in Manhattan in NYC. It is the home of universities and colleges which mean apartments in Morningside Heights are mostly inhabited by students. There are notable universities in the area like a Columbia University,  Barnard College, Teachers College, Manhattan School of Music and Bank Street College of Education to name a few. Other important historical places in NYC are also found in Morningside Heights like Broadway Presbyterian Church, the Cathedral of Saint John the Divine, Riverside Church, Jewish Theological Seminary of America and St Luke’s Hospital.

Places to live in Morningside Heights are mostly apartment units, flats and studios. Students who live in this neighborhood remark how great the area is when it comes to attending to their needs. There are places to dine, relax and to pamper yourself; there are a lot of green places to relax with your family and most of all there are medical facilities located within the neighborhood.

When it comes to apartments in Morningside Heights, it is easy to look for the ideal one since there are so many apartment complexes and buildings that dot the area. There are one, two, three or more bedroom apartments plus there are also units with several bathrooms for a large family. There are furnished apartments but there are bare ones too so you can improve your interior decorating skills and talents.

Amenities are not a problem when you live in Morningside Heights apartments. Most units are loaded with all the amenities that you are looking for in an apartment home like Internet access, cable television and landline phones. You can also find apartment building with 24 hour security systems plus parking areas where you can safely park your vehicle whether you have a car, van or a motorcycle. Be sure to indicate this when you are searching for a suitable place to stay in this neighborhood.

Rent is moderately high in Morningside Heights since it is close to popular schools and universities however the cost of living may be greatly overlooked since access to schools, business areas, places of worship and medical facilities make it the ideal place to stay in.

There is a unique neighborly spirit felt in this area in Manhattan since there is a common reason to be in this location. Students feel at ease for living near their college while parents are comfortable in a vibrant and busy community mostly inhabited by young and hip people.

But there are also some disadvantages in living in Morningside Heights. There is a lack of places to enjoy at night and if you are young and used to going to bars and clubs with friends then these would have to be set aside when you live in this neighborhood. There are also some apartment units in Morningside Heights that are outdated and may need repairs; some are even reported to be infested with pests. Be sure to contact a local pest control to eradicate rats and creepy crawlies in your new apartment in Morningside Heights before you move in.

The area is mostly dominated by college students which mean there are perfect places to unwind in the daytime like bookstores, coffee shops, delis and fast food. This area will never tire of having students and an influx of new residents year after year which may make apartment units worn out and very much in need of repair. Be sure to be a smart consumer and personally check apartment units before you move in. Never rely on pictures or virtual tours of properties for rent but instead schedule a visit with the apartment owner ASAP.