midtownMidtown is probably the busiest and the liveliest neighborhood in Manhattan. This IS the place to be when it comes to enjoying the sights and sounds of NYC as well as all the famous places (and people) that you can find in this district. Midtown is a great place to work, shop, dine and enjoy and what many don’t know is that it is also a great neighborhood where you can live and raise a family.

Apartments in Midtown are located all over the neighborhood which means you can find small units to extra-large and spacious apartment units that are perfect for a large family. If you decide that Midtown is your family’s dream town then consider these tips to find the most suitable apartment in Midtown:

1.    Like any other location, decide how large or how small your apartment unit is. Consider the number of family members that are going to stay at your new apartment, their individual needs and if you want to take pets with you. Remember that not all apartment units in Midtown accept pets while other landlords are wary of babies and children. Be sure to indicate these when you are going to contact apartment owners in the neighborhood.

2.    One of the best reasons to live in Midtown, NYC is that you live in the heart of the city; you are near shops, schools, business districts, high end stores, bars, clubs, restaurants and malls. But if you are particular about living near schools, hospitals, day care centers and parks then you need to remember these when you are looking for the most suitable apartment in Midtown.

3.    If you have a car or any type of vehicle, be sure to look for an apartment unit with enough parking facilities since parking is scarce in Midtown. Most car owners park in public or private parking lots while some park on the streets. Be sure to find a suitable unit that has parking spaces so you can protect your family and your property.

4.    If you still drive to work then you would be happy to know that most Midtown residents leave cars at home and take public transportation to work or to school. You can ride a bus, take a taxi, ride the subway or walk to wherever you want to go. Apartment units in Midtown are usually accessible to transportation hubs so you need not worry about being late or getting lost the initial weeks of your stay,

5.    If you are very particular about amenities like cable television channels, Internet access, phone lines, etc. you would be glad to know that most apartment units are equipped with these amenities. It is also easy to get a subscription in case you lack Internet, cable or phone access in your new apartment since most apartment buildings are equipped with control boxes or rooms where all these are easily accessed for installation.

Midtown is a city-lover’s dream neighborhood with all the modern comforts of city living as well as the life and vibe of a busy neighborhood. However, there are some disadvantages in living in Midtown. Traffic is a problem especially during rush hours and a highly populated city like Midtown always has problems with sanitation and keeping green. If you love to enjoy a relaxing afternoon or weekend it could be impossible outdoors since the streets are always noisy and there is too much energy all around you. Parks and public places however are easily accessible from Midtown where you and the entire family can enjoy a quiet day together. Other than these, Midtown is a great place to work, shop, have fun and live.