Midtown West

midtown-westMidtown is an area in Manhattan that is divided into two by locals; Midtown West and Midtown East. West is home to popular local and tourist destinations in NYC like Rockefeller Center, MoMa, Times Square and The Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum. This area is also a very affluent business district where headquarters of major brands all over the world take office. Midtown West is not just the home of businesses but there are also residential centers in the area as well.

People who live in Midtown West are usually found in large apartment buildings and apartment complexes. There is rarely a simple residential unit in the area, most are fully furnished and are very expensive. If you think that this area in Manhattan is the best place to be, then check out these important tips when you look for apartments in Midtown West:

1.    As mentioned, be prepared for a high cost of rent in this area. Apartments that are closer to business districts and possibly close to Times Square demand a higher lease. Lease contracts vary so be specific if you are planning to stay for less than a year. A bonus however is that apartment units here are larger than most neighborhoods simply because buildings here are mostly outdated and lack major renovations as well.

2.    Possibly the best reason for staying in Midtown West is that apartments are well stocked with amenities. Internet connection, cable TV programming and landline phones are a staple plus apartment buildings usually have doormen or even valets to take care of your car and other belongings. Parking is a problem however even for residents; if you have a car then better find an apartment building that has indoor parking area or a secure pay parking slot.

3.    Driving your own car in Midtown is actually getting extinct since traffic is going to eat you big time. This area is close to everything so you may never get to use your car at all. You can walk to nearby stores to get food or groceries, you may ride your bike for errands plus fast food, convenience stores and clothing stores are your neighbors so walking is the best way to go from place to place here. There are also no bicycle paths or special places to park your bike in most stores and shops so better be wary of taking your bike with you.

4.    As for clean and green options, the area is highly populated so cleanliness may be a problem. Locals, tourists, workers and residents all contribute to noise which makes it one of the noisiest places to live. Offices here are located near residential buildings to get ready to have nonstop noise all day long even in the evenings. Large neon signs and LED signs can also bother you when it’s night time so if you REALLY want peace and quiet even only at night then this neighbourhood is not for you.

5.    If you have family members with special needs of medical conditions then you need to specify these when you look for apartment units in Midtown West. Not all apartment units here are developed for residents with disabilities as well as medical problems so you need to find a neighbourhood which has these options if you want to live safely and comfortably.

6.    Since Midtown West is located in the heart of Manhattan, this place is technically safer than most neighborhoods. Patrol cars speed by almost every hour and there is always an officer located in most blocks. Apartment buildings are also protected by security cameras and security personnel so living here is one of the safest in Manhattan.