Midtown East

midtown-eastMidtown East is a business district but there are a few residential places to stay as well. This area is in the heart of Manhattan which makes it one of the most expensive places to stay in the city. Apartments Midtown East are mostly old buildings that still have the traditional charm; what residents love about this part of the city is that it is strategically located to be near almost everything you need to survive.

But even with the positive points of living in Midtown East, there are disadvantages too. it could get very noisy since you are next door neighbors to most popular places in NYC like the Chrysler Building and St. Patrick’s Cathedral. This neighbourhood is also closest to the Grand Central Terminal and most transportation hubs. Life is busy, vibrant and very noisy but these are common in a life in a colorful city like NYC. Here are a few pointers to look for the most suitable place to stay in Midtown East:

1.    Local newspapers are reliable in providing an updated list on rental properties in the area. You can bet that daily newspapers have the latest list as well as information on property owners and the most affordable rates in the area. If you are looking for the ideal apartment in Midtown East then the local paper is your first option.

2.    Since most adverts are also placed online, you will be able to find apartments easily. Online sites for properties in different neighborhoods in Manhattan are easy to use with tools that make searching easier (and fun too!). All you need is to place the number of bedrooms, the number of toilets and baths, the area of the city you wish to rent and your budget. There are even sites that let you enter specific information like if you have pets, family members with medical conditions, if you prefer properties close to schools, offices or parks, etc. Tools like these will instantly provide you with a list of the most available units along with the owner’s information. Be sure to get three to four units so you can compare apartments head to head.
Sometimes it’s not enough to take other people’s word about anything especially when it comes to looking for a suitable apartment unit in Midtown East. Still the best way to do this is to personally visit apartment units as soon as possible. By personally checking out units, you will easily check out updates, repairs and other important information about units plus you can interact with owners and building managers face to face.

3.    Another way to find suitable Midtown East apartments is to check out flyers, community billboards, supermarket checkout aisles and ads in tabloids. Remember that apartment units in Midtown East side sell like pancakes. As soon as an apartment unit is vacated, another new tenant moves in; the owner may have barely enough time to clean, maintain and to update the unit so be very particular about this.

Most apartments in this area are covered by a lease agreement so better read this beforehand. You may also be asked how long you plan to stay since most apartments have a minimum 1 year rental lease. If you plan on staying for less than a year then specify this with the owner.

Apartments in East Midtown could be the ideal home you are looking for in the city. Being close to everything is one of the wonderful points but it could get noisy in the mornings and traffic could get really heavy. All in this entire neighbourhood is a truly great place to stay and raise a family.