Lower Manhattan

lower manhattanLower Manhattan or more popularly known as the Lower East Side is one of the highly populated areas in Manhattan. There are apartment units everywhere you look, places to eat, laundry service, delis, groceries, drug stores, novelty shops, gyms, small offices and so much more making Lower Manhattan one of the most convenient places to stay in Manhattan.

But being a highly populated area has its ups and downs. Lower Manhattan apartment units are the most popular places to stay and if you think that this neighborhood suits you and your family and you are looking for apartments in Lower Manhattan then read these tips before you look for a suitable place to stay:

1.    Would you prefer a large apartment unit or a small one? A two bedroom or a three or more bedroom and bath apartment unit? The size of your family is the most important aspect of your search and the number of bedrooms and bathrooms are sure indicators of how large or how small a unit is. Be sure to find a larger apartment unit if you have pets and to ask owners if they allow pets as well.

2.    Do you have a car or a motorcycle? Parking is a problem in Lower Manhattan just like most residential units in other Manhattan neighborhoods. Be sure to be particular of a place where there are ample parking areas so you can secure your car or your vehicle.

3.    Do you barely have time to prepare meals? Then Lower Manhattan is the place for you. There are fast-food places, delis, diners and specialty restaurants in the area so you will never have to worry about not having time to cook. You can even order by phone or over the internet if you don’t have time to go out either! But if you prefer fresh foods, apartment units in this neighborhood are located near markets, supermarkets, grocery stores and specialty food stores.

4.    Amenities make living in any kind of neighborhood more tolerable and when you live in Lower Manhattan it’s a guarantee there are wonderful amenities like Internet access, cable or satellite channels on your television, landline phone access and even all kinds of mobile phone subscriptions. It is uncommon for an apartment unit not to have all amenities but if you need a service provider for these utilities then it is also easy to subscribe.

5.    If you love shopping, clubbing and the nightlife then this is the neighborhood for you. There are so many business establishments that cater to the fun-loving crowd; there are also so many great commercial establishments that are perfect for relaxing and rejuvenation like spas, beauty salons, gyms and fitness centers ideal for anyone who would like to stay trim and healthy. Apartments in Lower Manhattan are near these places so you and your family can live as normally as you can.

Lower Manhattan has its perks but there are also some challenging things about the area. There is heavy traffic in main thoroughfares which could be a hassle when you drive to work or to school. The neighborhood is known to have old apartment units so be very careful about repairs and for pests; contact a local pest exterminator before you decide to move in to completely eradicate pests.

Getting enough peace and quiet may also pose as a challenge since the streets of Lower Manhattan are always busy and bursting with activity. Being clean and green is also a big deal in Lower Manhattan as well as all neighborhoods in the area and if you support this concern then you better find a better and greener neighborhood to live in.