Lower East Side

Lower East Side is among the most densely populated neighborhoods in Manhattan. It is mostly made up of tall apartment buildings, old residential units, neighborhood stores, delis, bakeries, small open areas and a lot of shopping and dining options. The Lower East Side is a great place to work, study, dine and shop as well as an ideal place to live and start a family. If you are planning to live in the Lower East Side then check out these handy tips:

1.    There are so many kids of apartment units in the area so you will never have to worry about the number of bedrooms or the number of baths that you and your family needs. If you are looking for a small apartment unit then there are several one bedroom unit types or a two bedroom for a couple starting out. Large families with four or more family members may also find apartments in Lower East Side.

2.    The Lower East Side is bursting with life and so are places where people can go and buy everything they need. There is no need to specify that you need apartments near markets, groceries or commercial centers since everything is accessible from the neighborhood. If you love the nightlife then the LES is also a great way to experience authentic NYC music and hospitality. The areas of Orchard, Ludlow and Essex are the most popular areas where you can relax and unwind especially at night.

3.    If you are a family with particular tastes in food then LES apartments are just the perfect place to live in. You can find all sorts of restaurants featuring different cuisines like Chinese, Cantonese, Thai, Italian, Korean, Japanese and so much more. A family of different ethnicity will feel right at home when you choose the Lower East Side as a place to live.

4.    Apartment amenities are complete at the LES. There are Internet access, digital and satellite cable channel access and landline phones from popular companies plus if you would like to avail more utility services then apartment buildings are usually equipped with installation rooms or control rooms to easily facilitate installations. Parking areas are scarce so be particular about apartment buildings with their own secure parking sections when you look for the ideal place to stay in the Lower East Side.

5.    Apartments in the Lower East Side have varying rates but usually newly developed residential units cost higher than outdated ones. There is nothing wrong in renting an old apartment unit however you need to be wary about repairs and interior updates before you move in. And since the LES is jam packed with people pests inhabit every nook and cranny of the neighborhood. Be sure to consult a local pest control company before you decide to move in to completely protect your family.

6.    With heavy traffic in the morning in the small and major thoroughfares in the area and an active nightlife in the evening, the Lower East Side could get very noisy. If you have small children or babies then this could be a hazard. If you have members with disabilities or medical conditions then rest and relaxation is close to impossible. Be particular about these as you look for suitable apartments in Manhattan.

The Lower East Side seems to be a great place to stay minus the pest, traffic and noise. But as residents say, these things could take time to get used to and when you do, you will truly appreciate the simplicity and the convenience of living in a lively neighborhood which is the LES.