harlemHarlem belongs to the top 20 best neighborhoods in Manhattan simply because Harlem is close to almost everything in NYC. Found in the northern section of Manhattan it has been known to be a major African-American residential, commercial and business area. But due to the massive influx of migrants and people from other neighboring communities and cities to Manhattan, Harlem has become a multicultural neighborhood. It has also become a great place to live and raise a family. Here are some tips keep in mind when you are thinking of living in Harlem:

1.    Harlem apartments are very affordable. You can be sure that whatever budget you have, there is an apartment perfect for you and your family. Same rules apply to looking for the most suitable apartment unit in Harlem. Be particular about the number of bedrooms and bath because these are determining factors on how large an apartment would be.

2.    Harlem residential units are mostly equipped with all the latest amenities like internet access, cable or satellite television channels and landline phones. There may be times when amenities are incomplete but installation usually takes less than a week to accomplish with so many popular providers in the neighborhood.

3.    Apartments in Harlem are closet to public transportation which means schools, commercial places, business centers, leisure centers and places to shop and dine out are very accessible. Residents in Harlem complain that the area is very far from downtown Manhattan but public transport makes travel shorter and definitely more pleasant.

4.    Apartment units in this neighborhood are sometimes very particular about pets and noise especially at night. There is 24 hour nightlife for people in Harlem however apartment owners would like to keep buildings secure, quiet and as comfortable as possible. If you plan to bring pets with you be sure that this is allowed in the apartment building you plan to stay in. if you also have small children or newly born babies make sure to indicate this since some apartment owners may dislike persistent crying especially at night.

5.    If you love to eat out or you barely have time to cook, Harlem is the best place to stay since there are place to eat almost everywhere. People who have distinct tastes in food or who are looking for specific cuisines may also find themselves in luck since there are so many kinds of restaurants in Harlem.

6.    This is a great place to raise kids since there are so many cultural and historical places to go. You and your kids may also love to go to parks and green open places where kids can play and adults can just laze around.

7.    It’s cheap to live in Harlem since it is close to everything you need. A short walk will get you to where you want to go plus there are just so many shops and markets that sell cheap food.

Harlem is a fun and vibrant place to visit, work, stay and live however there are several disadvantages of living in this neighborhood. Since Harlem is densely populated there is almost high traffic every day in its busy streets and major thoroughfare. And when there is traffic there is noise and pollution. There are living areas where there are pests like rats and cockroaches which could bring terrible diseases when not efficiently controlled. Remember to call a pest control company to effectively remove pests in your new apartment in Harlem before you move in. And since rent in the neighborhood is very affordable there will surely be an increase in Harlem population in years to come.