Greenwich Village

Greenwich Village or simply The Village is a residential neighborhood located in the West Side of Lower Manhattan in New York City. This is a largely residential area which is loaded with apartment units, flats, studios, condominium units and lofts. There are so many living alternatives when you plan to live in Greenwich Village but the most practical way is to settle in an apartment unit.

Most apartments in Greenwich Village are well furnished and have complete amenities and features that you are looking for in a home. A small family could live in comfort here while a large family may find it hard to look for an apartment with a lot of space. If you think that Greenwich Village hits the number one spot to live in New York City then check out these important tips:

1.    Greenwich Village is great for small families and couples but if you have a large family then be sure to include this in your search for an apartment. Most apartment units here are small to moderately-sized which are perfect for single people, students, professionals and retirees. Be particular about the number of rooms and bedrooms which are indicators of how large an apartment unit could be.

2.    Do you have kids who go to school or family members who go to work to nearby business districts? This neighborhood is accessible to all sorts of transportation options from busses, taxis, subways and even walking. But if your kids go to a particular school in the surrounding neighborhoods then be sure to consider this in looking for the most suitable apartment unit in Greenwich Village.

3.    Eating out and shopping is everywhere in Greenwich. You can dine in, use takeaway service or deliver food straight to your doorstep. If you live alone or you find less time to cook because of a very busy schedule then you could consider living in Greenwich Village where you are near every kind of food in the state. If you have special food preferences (for example you do not eat meat, you prefer Indian food, you prefer vegan dishes or Halal food) you can take these preferences into consideration when you are looking for the ideal apartment in Greenwich Village.

4.    There are so many things to do in this neighborhood. The area is accessible to parks, jogging areas, biking lanes and walking paths where you and your family can spend a relaxing afternoon or weekend together. This neighborhood is also accessible to malls and entertainment spots like bars and clubs if you are looking for more action and night life. If you have an active family, especially when you have young kids at home, you need to be very particular about places where you can relax and have fun. You must take this into consideration when looking for the most suitable apartment units in Greenwich.

Life is simple and very down to earth in The Village however there are some things that you must be wary of. Greenwich Village is known to be busy and loud even during the night and if you are very particular about peace and quiet, you may just look for other neighborhoods to rent.

This area is also known for lack of parking areas especially in apartment buildings; if you own a vehicle you may end up parking in the streets. The cost of living in Greenwich could be high since you are near all sorts of modern conveniences. This area is also known for pests so be wary in renting an old apartment unit, otherwise contact a pest control company to treat the area before you move in.