Gramercy Park

Beyond the busy, noisy and tourist-laden streets of Manhattan is Gramercy Park. This neighborhood is rich in history, cultural pride and a striking environment that most residents are very proud of. Gramercy Park is quieter and is located in nearby East Village and SoHo where tourists, office workers, paparazzi are always on the move.

But of course, peace and quiet and a rich city life come with a price. Apartments in Gramercy are very expensive and needless to say very luxurious and stylish. If you are looking for an ideal home away from the hustle and bustle of the city but technically you have never left the city at all, then Gramercy Park is your choice. Here are some tips on your quest to looking for the most suitable, and hopefully the most reasonably-priced apartment unit in Gramercy Park:

1.    As mentioned, rental rates are very expensive in this part of the city. However, living here has its perks. It is cleaner and greener plus there is hardly any dirty corner in Gramercy. The streets look pleasant which complements apartment buildings that are both outdated (but well maintained) and modern.

2.    You can find apartment units in different sizes in Gramercy Park. Whether you are looking for small apartments for you and your partner or you are looking for a large unit for a large family, there is surely a place for you here. The number of rooms and the number of toilet and baths will tell you how large or how small a unit is.

3.    Do you own pets? No matter how quiet, behaved or potty trained your pet is, you need to inform apartment owners you own one before you move in. there are different regulations in every apartment building and neighborhood in Manhattan so it’s best to take note of this as early as possible

4.    Do you smoke or any of your family members smoke? Believe it or not, some apartment owners are very particular about people who smoke; smoking can be a safety issue as well as a health hazard making it an issue for some owners. Be sure to include this when you talk to various apartment owners in the neighborhood.

5.    Furnished or unfurnished? There are so many apartments in Gramercy Park that are already furnished and ready to be occupied however these may come with a huge rate. Unfurnished apartments are cheaper and are more enjoyed by singles and couples who are just starting out since they can express their creativity better. But if a furnished unit is your choice then you can easily look for apartments that have this feature as well.

6.    Amenities are out of the question. Most apartments in Gramercy Park are well equipped with the basic features you can never live without like Internet connection, cable programming and landline phones. Some apartment buildings here have washer and dryer amenities and security 24/7. Buildings here mostly have doormen and security cameras so residents could be rest assured of their safety.

7.    A car is a huge convenience when you live in a rural area but not in Manhattan. A car could be a huge hassle since parking is very scarce in the city. If you can find an apartment building with its own parking area or a paid parking lot nearby then you are blessed. Most residents just leave their car behind and walk, ride a cab, ride a bus or the subway when they shop, go to work or to school. Parking is very hard to find in Gramercy Park and people usually end up parking on the streets.