Financial District

financial districtLocated at the southernmost section of Manhattan is the Financial District. It is the busiest and the most important business area in the city with so many major offices, company headquarters, financial institutions and major places of financial interest. It is a neighborhood with only a few residents, mostly affluent individuals, but in the daytime the area’s population jumps five to six times more because of people who work and do business in the Financial District.

Living at the Financial District is costly; because it is the heart of the business district in NYC, apartments in the Financial District are very expensive with rent increasing by the year. But the rent must not be the only setback for people looking at the Financial District as their next home. Here are some important things to remember when you are looking for Financial District apartments:

1.    Apartments for rent in the Financial District vary in size as well as rates; if you are single or a retiree you could settle for a studio unit or an apartment with one to two bedrooms Large families on the other hand need not worry, there are also spacious and stylish homes for families with four or more members to live in.

2.    If you have pets, you need to ask apartment owners or building management to determine if they allow pets. Most apartments here would allow small rodents, birds and fishes but not large dogs which could bark noisily at night.

3.    The Financial District is one of the safest areas in the city. There are banks, international companies and headquarters of different businesses here in one corner to another so it’s likely there are police patrol cars everywhere. However, if you have a vehicle or a car, consider looking for an apartment complex or an apartment building with a secure parking space otherwise you could end up parking your car on the streets.

4.    Young and hip residents may find the Financial District too boring since there are only a few night attractions. There are no clubs and bars only coffee shops and 24 hour dining areas. If you love to hang out at night or would like to maintain your night life when you move then the Financial District may not be the best place to live in.

5.    If you have family members with medical needs or needs constant medical attention then the Financial District is the ideal place to live in. it is close to medical centers, specialty clinics, hospitals, etc. You can easily find the best medical specialist when you rent apartments at the Financial District.

6.    Amenities are complete in most apartment units in the district. Whether you are looking for Internet connection, cable or satellite television channels or landline phones you got it when you rent apartments in this area.

Aside from the lack of nightlife and places to have fun there are some disadvantages in living in this part of the city. Traffic is always heavy in the streets and main thoroughfare of the neighborhood making walking and biking two of the most efficient ways to move from one place to another. And when there is heavy traffic there is noise and pollution. If you love peace and quiet especially in the daytime then the Financial District is not the place for you. People who have difficulty in moving or who are physically challenged may find it hard to move and to stay in high rises. Be specific about provisions for disabled family members as well as hazard parking for vehicles if you have physically challenged members of the family.