East Village

eastvillageEast Village is a neighborhood in Manhattan, NYC which is near Greenwich Village, Lower West Side, Gramercy and Stuyvesant Town. It was once a part of Lower West Side but gradually developed its own community style with artists, musicians, hipsters and young residents began to live and thrive. It is currently one of the busiest and the liveliest neighborhoods in Manhattan and if you think that East Village could be your next neighborhood then check out these tips to get the best out of this vibrant district in Manhattan.

1.    Rent is quite affordable in East Village and families who are in a tight budget could even find apartments in East Village with reasonable rates. On the other hand, if you are looking for stylish, modern and fully furnished units you can also find these easily when you scour the web for the most suitable unit.

2.    The size of the apartment unit is important in every new resident and this is determined by the number of bedrooms and baths an apartment unit has. If you live alone or you and your partner are just starting out, there are beautiful and simple apartments ideal for two. There are also spacious units with three or more bedrooms for large families in the district; you just need to look long and hard.

3.    East Village is full of life with so many places to shop, work, dine out, relax, to unwind and just to walk around. This is perfect for new residents since they can easily become familiar with the neighborhood. However, this busy and vibrant energy continues on until night time which could be a hassle especially for old people, families with babies and people with medical conditions. If you are very particular about noise then consider an apartment in East Village that is away from clubs and night life or better yet another neighborhood in Manhattan.

4.    East Village is one of the few neighborhoods in Manhattan with a fantastic neighborly spirit. Due to the tightly knitted living spaces, people here know each other very well and are likely to know other people living for blocks away. You can easily fit in a feel at home with this wonderful safe and secure feeling.

5.    Amenities are not a problem in East Village since most apartment units here are equipped with almost all types of utilities and features like Internet access, landline phone and cable television. Parking however could be a challenge since most apartment units here have no secure parking slots or parking spaces. If you have a car then you could end up parking on the street or parking for several blocks away in a pay parking lot.

6.    If you are used to eating out and have barely time to cook at home then this is the community for you. It is near shops, restaurants, groceries and markets and if you wish to order out, this area is also jam-packed with fast food each with their own delivery service for your convenience.

All seems well when you live in East Village; for rent apartments in East Village are usually advertised online or through local newspapers. Remember that when you are looking for the best place to live in East Village or anywhere, you should never jump on any opportunity. Take time to review each property and to compare two or three apartment units so you can get the best deal. Be particular about what you need and what your family needs when you look for apartments. Check out repairs, updates, features and amenities of the unit before you decide to move in.