ChinatownChinatown is a borough in Manhattan. It is home to the largest population of Chinese people outside Asia. This are is one of the busiest and the liveliest places to shop, do business and to live. Relocating to Chinatown is easy; there are so many apartments in Chinatown with the price that is more affordable than any borough or neighborhood in Manhattan and in New York City.

If you decide to live in Chinatown then you need to check out the following pointers so you can get the best place to stay in this colorful and fun neighborhood:

1.    Decide how large or how small you would want your apartment unit to be. There are so many apartment sizes to choose from in Chinatown and it all depends on how many family members you have. If you live alone then you could settle for a one bedroom or a two bedroom unit otherwise there are units that have three, four or more bedrooms ideal for a larger family. Aside from the number of people in your home, you also need to consider your pets as well as the helpers or maids that you plan to take along. Anyway, it does not matter how small or how large your dream apartment unit is, you can easily find one in Chinatown.

2.    Chinatown is not all shops and market places; there are also great apartment buildings where you can find furnished units for rent. Decide if you would choose a furnished unit or would you rather choose an unfurnished one. A furnished apartment is perfect for a small family or a couple who do not have their own stuff yet; large families usually have more furniture and equipment and an unfurnished unit would be the most practical choice.

3.    Would you prefer to have your own garage? There are apartment units in Chinatown that are located in large buildings with their own safe parking areas while there are Chinatown apartments that lack garages and parking slots. Be sure to specify this feature when you have your own vehicle unless you want to park on the street.

4.    Are you settling at Chinatown long term? You need to determine this as early as when you search for an apartment unit since most apartments here have a minimum one year lease term. If you are going to stay for less than a year then choose a property that has an open lease term.

5.    Apartments located in Chinatown are convenient for most residents since it is located near schools, markets, shopping districts, theaters, hospitals and business districts. You can also get around the city when you live in Chinatown since it is accessible from the subway and via busses and taxis. You need to specify these when you are looking for apartment units in Chinatown; remember that you and your family need easy access to schools, offices and commercial centers so  all of you can live comfortably every day.

Basically, life in Chinatown is down to earth, accessible and in more ways affordable. You are near places that you need to go and if you need to use public transportation taxis, busses and subways are accessible too. Life could get busy but in so many ways very fun in Chinatown especially when you have warmed up to local residents. The atmosphere is light, inviting and very inspiring perfect for living with your new spouse or as you raise a responsible family. If you have Chinese descent, this place could remind you of home and with all the warm people around you, you could never call anyplace home than Chinatown.