chelseaLocated in the West Side of Manhattan is Chelsea. Chelsea is a beautiful and historic neighborhood in Manhattan that contains Chelsea Historic District which was designated by the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission and added to the National Register of Historic Places. It is primary residential consisting of tenement places, apartment buildings, townhouses and various housing projects.

You can tell from the introduction that living in Chelsea is a dream. The streets are beautifully lined with greens and parks, the building facades are historic and gorgeous plus the people are very friendly. Street Advisor ranked Chelsea as one of the best neighborhoods in Manhattan and if you think that it is great to move in as well, here are some tips to help find the most suitable Chelsea apartments:

1.    Apartments in the neighborhood are expensive and newly renovated and newly built apartment buildings have smaller rooms unlike old ones. But as residents say, even when the space is small, the fact that you are close to everything you need makes it all worth it. You can find apartments with one bedroom, two to four bedrooms which are perfect for a small family. Large apartments cost a lot so be ready to splurge when you have a large family to take with you.

2.    Most apartment buildings have complete amenities. Internet access and cable television programming is very common in most units while landline phones are a staple. If your building has no washer and dryer supplied, there are Laundromats near the area.

3.    Security can be risky when you have an old apartment unit but new ones mostly have doormen or security personnel plus security cameras have begun to be a regular feature in modern apartment complexes.

4.    Being near everything is what Chelsea is famous for. Apartments in Chelsea are near markets, grocery stores, schools, beauty salons, gyms, fitness centers, day care facilities, dining areas, fast food and clothing stores. Public transport is not a hassle at all since you are near subway stations, bus stops and taxis. You may never need to ride or take your car to do errands since everything you need is actually nearby.

5.    If you have kids, pets and you love to go outdoors, then Chelsea is the best place to be in Manhattan. It is one of a few neighborhoods with free green places like parks, grassy spots near sidewalks and real-life trees! Kids can enjoy playing out in the sun while adults can relax in beautiful tree-lined areas under benches.

6.    If you have a car, then consider an apartment unit with its own parking area. Chelsea, like all other Manhattan neighborhoods have scarce parking areas. Most residents who have cars, park in paid parking lots or park in the streets which could place your property at risk for damage and theft.

7.    The neighborhood is not a quiet place to live since traffic could get tough during the rush hours. If you love peace and quiet and have a family who is sensitive to noise and pollution then consider looking for places to stay in other neighborhoods.

Definitely Chelsea is one of the great places to stay in Manhattan and even with a few problems like parking and noise it still proves as an ideal location to live. The best way to look for apartments in the area is through an online search; with an online site, you can narrow down your search for the most suitable apartments in Chelsea for you and the entire family. You will be able to move in minus the stress and hassles of finding a home.