BrooklynThe most highly populated among all NYC’s boroughs is Brooklyn. It is located in the westernmost part of Long Island and has several neighborhoods under its name: Carroll Gardens, Clinton Hill, Brooklyn Heights, Park Slope, Bay Ridge, Brighton Beach, Sheapshead Bay, Prospect Heights, Dyker Heights, Manhattan Beach, Fort Greene and so many more.
If you would like to live in Brooklyn, here are some tips that may come handy:

1.    Apartments in Brooklyn range from small and compact units to large and spacious family apartments. No matter what kind of family you have or how many members of the family you plan to live with there is always an apartment that can meet your needs.
The number of bedrooms, toilets and baths are the usual determinants of how large an apartment unit is. Usually apartment advertisements in local papers and online directory sites have this information however there are large apartments with a few rooms and small units with three to four bedrooms. It still shows that the best way to scout for apartments is to check them out personally.

2.    Brooklyn apartments usually have complete amenities like Internet connection, phones and cable television channels but in case the unit has incomplete amenities you can easily call for installation. The area is supported by popular cable and satellite programming as well as Internet companies; you just need to fill out an application and schedule and installation at your most convenient time.

3.    Parking could be a hassle in Brooklyn same goes with all its many neighborhoods. Old apartment units lack parking areas as well as new ones that rely only on city parking slots. If you own a car then you need to specify this as soon as possible otherwise you could end up losing a parking space even on the streets.

4.    Pets especially cats and dogs maybe a nuisance in some apartment units while some owners may not mind at all. Therefore you need to specify this when talking to owners and building managers. Some Brooklyn neighborhoods enjoy open areas where kids and adults can play out in the sun and these could also be great for pet owners. Be sure to pick an apartment unit near these open areas so you can enjoy time out with your pets once in a while.

5.    For sure you are very particular about apartments in Brooklyn and their accessibility to places where you want to go. Brooklyn is near to almost all places like commercial establishments, specialty stores, nightlife, convenience stores, great places to dine, markets, grocery stores and schools. Public transport like busses and subway traverse the community while taxis are almost everywhere. You can also be sure that whatever you need is also accessible by bike or simply by walking which could save you time and gas money in the process.

Brooklyn neighborhoods differ from one another for example, you can find parking areas in Clinton Hills while Prospect Heights could be very crowded and parking could be very scarce. In Fort Greene, clean and green efforts are very evident while there are several dirty areas in Sunset Park. But wherever you want to stay in Brooklyn, the all-American spirit is evident and neighborhoods are mostly closely knit.

The best way to find Brooklyn apartments is through an online search. You can easily find the most suitable place to stay with just a few simple clicks. There are so many online sites that offer this service for free; it is recommended that you pick out three to four apartments and compare them head to head to get the best deal in Brooklyn.