Battery Park

batteryparkBattery Park City is located at the south-western area of Lower Manhattan in New York City. It is a planned community owned and operated by Battery Park City Authority under the authority of the Urban Development Corporation. This Manhattan neighborhood is the site of the World Financial Center; it is also lined with numerous residential, commercial and leisure centers. Living in Battery Park is very modest; residents mostly live in apartment units that range from very affordable apartment units to lavish and extravagant large homes. If you think that Battery Park City is for you, then check these important tips out:

1.    Apartments in Battery Park are perfect places to live healthier and to raise a family. It is one of the few places in Manhattan that are clean and green. You can find apartment units with recycling stations, green spaces and a lot of areas where kids, families and fitness enthusiasts can hang out. If you are conscious about living healthier and cleaner then this area is for you.

2.    Just like looking for apartment units in other locations, you need to be specific about the size of the apartment unit you want to rent long term. This is usually determined according to the number of family members you have and if you have family members with special health conditions. You would need to specify apartment buildings that have special provisions for people on wheelchairs, with disabilities and for senior citizens.

3.    If you have pets then Battery Park is one of the best places to live in. There are parks where you can walk your dog and areas where you and your pet can walk or jog together. But be careful though, some apartment owners are particular about pets so specify this when you look for an apartment in the area.

4.    Apartment hunters who have kids who still go to school may be very particular about apartment locations near schools, day care centers and play areas. Battery Park is near most schools and transportation hubs. You can ride a bus, ride a taxi, take the subway, ride your bike or walk to different locations since the area is accessible to almost everything that you need.

5.    Amenities are also one of the most asked features of most people looking for apartments in Manhattan. Battery Park apartments have provisions for all sorts of utilities like standard or digital cable, Internet access and landline phone access. Installations of different amenities are also very easy since most apartment buildings are have control rooms where there are separate provisions for each apartment unit,

6.    It could be very expensive to rent though in Battery Park since most apartment units are updated and fully furnished. Although this could be a setback for families on a budget, this is a great option for people who are looking for high quality and exclusive style of living.

Battery Park is an exclusive community with clean and green regulations, peace and quiet 24/7 but there are some disadvantages too. It could get boring to live here since are limited shopping areas and night life which is what singles, new couples and young people are looking for. The area is known for its high cost of living with high rising rent. If you are on a budget then this neighborhood is not a good place to stay in. Parking is also an important feature that you need to look for if you have a car or any vehicle. Look for an apartment building so you can safely and exclusively park your car indoors instead of on the streets.